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9 Vastu Checks Before Buying a New House

You found a great property in Buxar. Or you just toured a 3BHK flat in Muzaffarpur. Before you rush to make your offer and buy it, it's important to ensure the place complies with Vastu principles. Here are a few Vastu checks you should do before buying your next house:

Plot Shape

A square or rectangular plot is preferred, which provides stability and harmony as per Vastu guidelines. Irregularly shaped plots may harbor negative energies and require specific Vastu remedies to mitigate potential adverse effects on the inhabitants.

Surrounding Environment

Avoid homes at T-junctions or overshadowed by tall buildings; those environments court negative energies. Additionally, large trees blocking the entrance can impede positive flows into the property, necessitating careful assessment of immediate surroundings.

Entrance Direction

The house's entrance acts as a gateway for energy. Doors facing north or east are deemed auspicious, channeling prosperity and positive energy into the home. Conversely, entrances facing south or west attract less favorable energies. The doorway's alignment with Vastu principles ensures a welcoming entrance for positivity and good fortune

Bedroom Direction

The master bedroom's ideal placement is in the southwest, fostering stability, health, and prosperity. This direction enhances peaceful energy conducive to rest and rejuvenation. Children's bedrooms benefit from an east or north orientation. It promotes growth, learning, and success in their endeavors.

Bathroom Vastu

Bathrooms belong in the northwest or west areas of homes, which enables a smooth removal of negative energies while promoting cleanliness and wellness. Northeast or southwest placements can disrupt healthy energy flows, potentially impacting inhabitants' prosperity over time.

Kitchen Placement

The kitchen, an important energy center of the home, thrives in the southeast corner, aligning with the fire element. This placement facilitates the proper flow and use of energy, symbolizing nourishment and health. If the southeast is not an option, the northwest corner acts as a secondary preference, maintaining the household's balance and efficiency of energy use.

Living Room Position

Situating the living room in northeast or north sections invites positive social connections and family bonding. As a bright, breezy space meant for gathering, this placement also enables financial gains and harmony among members

Windows and Ventilation

Abundant windows and ventilation on north and east-facing walls allow sunlight and fresh air to permeate the home. This lighting arrangement infuses spaces with vibrant energy conducive to inhabitant health and overall positivity.

Water Source

Ideally, pools, fountains, or other water sources belong in the northeast or east sections, harnessing associated financial and tranquility-boosting benefits. Conversely, southeast and southwest placements may disturb the home's balance, potentially affecting health or wealth.

Final Thoughts

While these Vastu checks provide a foundation for selecting a new house, remember that Vastu is not about strict rules but about enhancing positive energy in your living space. Sometimes, architectural and design limitations make it challenging to adhere to all Vastu principles. In such cases, consider Vastu remedies or consult with a Vastu expert to make the best out of your situation. Ultimately, the goal is to create a harmonious and happy home environment.

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