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What Should be the Direction of Toilet as per Vastu?

The direction and location of spaces like the toilet hold meaning in Vaastu Shastra. As the place where waste leaves the body, the toilet is seen as a source of negative energy that needs to be properly positioned within the home to maintain harmony.

Which Way Should the Toilet Face?

Vastu recommends facing toilets toward the northwest part of the home whenever possible. This direction lets the bad energy flush away more easily. If the northwest isn't doable, the southeast is seen as a good second option. However, you should try to avoid sharing walls between a southeast toilet and the treasured northeast corner.

Directions to Avoid for Toilets

Per Vastu, it's inadvisable to place toilets in either the southwest or northeast corners. Since the southwest represents health and stability and the northeast connects to more uplifting spiritual energy, putting a toilet there could be seen as a direct disruptor of those positive zones, potentially even impacting wellbeing over time. When looking at your floor plan, aim to place new toilets northwest first or southeast second, while definitively keeping them out of the southwest and northeast corners. This conscious placement can help optimize energy flow and harmony within the home.

Vastu Tips for Toilets

Beyond direction, here are several Vastu tips that can help neutralize negative impacts:

  • Air Flow Ensuring adequate airflow is key. Add a ventilating window on the toilet's east or north wall whenever possible. This can help dispel built-up energies.
  • Door Positioning Avoid facing the toilet doorway right onto spaces for nourishment and family time, like the kitchen or dining room. This can allow negative energies to travel directly into positive spaces.
  • Color ChoiceLight, clean colors like white and soft pastels are preferred for toilet walls and fixtures. This look enhances brightness and offset heaviness
  • Placement of Fixtures The toilet seat should ideally face north-south, not east-west, to align with the earth's magnetic fields.

  • Looking at the Full Picture

    When considering a home, look at Vastu factors holistically — the positioning of spaces like bedrooms and kitchen, the flow of natural light, and the home's structural soundness. While toilet direction is just one piece, all enhance the home's capacity to support health and harmony. Evaluate how well the entire home aligns with Vastu principles. In the end, Vastu alignment indicates how constructively a home interacts with natural energies to foster well-being. Keep the above tips in mind when assessing properties. Even small adjustments can net positives.

    Final Thoughts

    As per Vastu, the ideal direction of a toilet is the northwest part of the home. If that's not possible, the southeast part is the next best option.

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