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What to Keep in Bedroom as Per Vastu?

Adding Vastu Shastra principles to your bedroom design can help promote positivity and peace in your living space. While modern households may not allow total adherence, even small adjustments can make a noticeable difference. Here are some tips on the items and arrangements for good bedroom energy flow as per Vastu Sastra:

Proper Bed Placement

Place your bed in the southwest corner, with your head pointing south or east while sleeping. This orientation allows stability and aligned rest. Avoid positioning it under beams or directly facing the entry door; these layouts can disrupt sleep and cause stress over time.

Bedroom Door Considerations

Strive for a bedroom door that glides smoothly without creaking. According to Vastu principles, noisy, stuck doors can translate into tensions in broader life. Optimal door placement faces east or north to usher in positive energy. Regular oiling of hinges also prevents disruptive sounds, keeping the entrance primed to invite harmony.

Strategic Use of Mirrors

If a bedroom mirror is a must, ensure it doesn't reflect the bed itself. The reflection can lead to quarrels and health issues. Ideal mirror spots are inside wardrobe doors or on the room's north wall. Both allow reflection without disrupting the bed's energy field.

The Importance of Decluttering

Clutter buildup can obstruct healthy energy flows in the bedroom. Try keeping the space right under beds free of storage items so that the area remains clear. An organized, streamlined room helps maintain tranquility and relaxed rest. You also minimize roadblocks to positive circulation by reducing clutter.

Soothing Color Schemes

Soft, harmonious colors like light blues, greens, and pinks set the best tone in bedrooms by promoting relaxation. While bolder or darker shades may look stylish, they tend to disrupt the calm ambiance that quality rest depends on over time.

Proper Lighting and Airflow

Allow ample natural light and airflow in the bedroom space. Soft, calming lights also work better than harsh overheads. Well-lit and ventilated rooms tend to foster positive energy and uplifted moods.

Uplifting Art and Photos

Decorate with calming artwork and family photos that spark joy, avoiding aggressive imagery. Peaceful elements enhance the soothing environment meant for rejuvenation. Consider placing family photographs along the east wall; Vastu principles link this to strengthened relationships.

Limiting Electronics

Minimize electronic gadgets in the bedroom as much as possible; they emit disruptive radiation that infringes on restful sleep. In an ideal scenario, you want to keep TVs, computers, phones, and other electronics completely out of the space, creating a gadget-free sanctuary. But if that's difficult, you should minimize the gadget's presence in the bedroom.

Rethinking Greenery

Vastu advises against keeping live plants or water elements like fountains in the bedroom. Despite seeming tranquil, they can shift the room's energy balance over time, negatively impacting health and personal connections.

Strategic Study Table Placement

If a study table occupies your bedroom, position it in either the east or north sectors. This orientation taps into concentration-boosting energy streams. Avoid placing the table directly facing the bed; it can disrupt sleep and induce stress over time. Keep the surface neat and orderly to further promote focused, calming vibes.

Final Thoughts

You don't need an entire bedroom overhaul to apply some Vastu principles. Mindful adjustments like optimal bed placement, calming artwork, and limiting electronics can make a noticeable difference. The goal is to enhance positives that support well-being rather than uproot your current setup.

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